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2007-07-21 21:06:57 by blacklung5

Yoy yo yo! to any one who cares or likes my work Im currently working on a 3 month old project "W.A.S." which is going to be realsed sooner than NvsB part 2. <<<taking a while....and on the topic of NvsB i never thought ppl would like it, but since ppl did its still in the works! so dont worry! back to "W.A.S." for now im keeping this project secret but to get somthing has zombies and i hope this will be way better than my sprite movies. Peace and one love...Blue balls.....OHHH!!!! For the ppl who read this, send some ideas for NvsB ive gotten alot and made little segments for kicks and giggles so help out....plzzz


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2007-08-01 20:44:40

your work is the best

blacklung5 responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate it! :D


2007-08-25 21:21:40

YOUR SPRITE MOVIES SUCK BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Updated ) blacklung5 responds:

Hahaha! thank you! But i wonder what your flash movies look like??? hmmm? Oh wait u dont have one!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!! So...Shinobi -X I thank you for ur constructive comment. Now, go shuv ur hand up ur ass and lick it. Prick


2007-10-07 08:35:43

I think you should continue with Illutions. I liked it. :D

blacklung5 responds:

Really? wow....thanks! i didnt think it was too good so i put anew one in its place....check it out! :D


2007-10-10 18:04:38

I think that your NvB was good, so I think that you should continue on that. However I'm just some random Newgrounder so you proberly not even think of chaning your mind, but still consider it. And by the way man, when your making the next NvB I hope that the graphics is better, there is slowmotion effects (and zoom), because on your first I really had a hard time see what was going on sometimes. Anyway keep improving and make sure to keep it coming, because I think that alot of other people really think that we need some more Bleach (and Naruto, yes I don't watch that because I have seen abit of it and it looked abit lame next to Bleach, however my mind may change just like yours (proberly not) when you read this). Anyway good luck with your future projects and I hope to see the next NvB soon.


blacklung5 responds:

Well ur the most construtive reviwer so im still kinda sucking with the sprites but u will see a finished product before thanksgiving....thank you for the support!!! :3