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Hey!! whats up everyone and anyone. For those who want to know. Im still on full stried towards finishing this cuz i guess eveyone whats to see naruto get owned....i can relate....but due to full time work and Video work i've been halted for a long while. But fear not anime fan ppl. It will be done by this year. And ive gotten some great ideas from the reviews (shit ive over looked on the animes) and ive taken it into account. soooo if you can wait and be paitent i will have a final product for u to see. OH, and the this is for the dumb ma stupied shit! If u have not made a flash and plan to review it. Be mature about it and not like a lil cunt bag like most. :D thanks guys!


2007-07-21 21:06:57 by blacklung5

Yoy yo yo! to any one who cares or likes my work Im currently working on a 3 month old project "W.A.S." which is going to be realsed sooner than NvsB part 2. <<<taking a while....and on the topic of NvsB i never thought ppl would like it, but since ppl did its still in the works! so dont worry! back to "W.A.S." for now im keeping this project secret but to get somthing has zombies and i hope this will be way better than my sprite movies. Peace and one love...Blue balls.....OHHH!!!! For the ppl who read this, send some ideas for NvsB ive gotten alot and made little segments for kicks and giggles so help out....plzzz